In Shame

18 images Created 26 Jul 2019

In his latest series ‘In Shame’ you can find the contrast in the bottles by itself quite clearly. One is broken the other not. At least not visible.

Shame is a big part in our lives, most of the time we don’t even realise.
Our ego tries to hide what is hurting us inside. We often try to sell the part what we think the world finds the most interesting.
But is that really the best part of us. If we show our vulnerability, aren’t we getting more value?!?

Being ashamed of what happend to them, can make people try to make themselves disappear in the crowd. They can dissolve themselves in their environment. But if you watch carefully and with interest, they become clear and beautiful persons.

These series is represented by ART gogo Shanghai and SBK Amsterdam and you can contact Ron for ordering the print on Canson fine art paper mount on 3 mm dibond in edition of 7
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